Nasty Nas Demo Tape ’91

I’d heard about this material a little while back through a friend but never made a big enough effort to get ahold of it. I guess I forgot about it and the fact that it’s appeared on Kanye’s blog means there’s no shortage of an audience for it now. Ever since Illmatic dropped in ’94, Nas has been trying to live up to the monumental grandeur and influence it bestowed upon the hip-hop community but has never really quite recaptured the essence of his debut. This demo tape is somewhat of a prelude to that, even incorporating lyrics that are later heard in songs from Illmatic.

The quality of recording throughout the tape fluctuates but even for the 18 year old Nas, his unsurprising eloquence stands out. Also, i’m not sure who is responsible for the beats (if not Nas), but i’m loving their early ’90s feel.

Download the demo tape here.

Source: blindiforthekids


~ by vibesandtribes on July 15, 2009.

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