Play me, I’m yours…

Artist Luke Jerram started a program where he places pianos in public places in major cities. They are decorated with bright colours and inscribed with the words “Play me, I’m yours.”. The idea is to allow anybody to sit down and start playing them, hopefully breaking the barrier between complete strangers and allowing creativity to be shared. The potential for positive impact with this project is huge, here’s an excerpt from a letter sent to Luke Jerram by someone in Sao Paulo:

Besides bringing beauty and inspiration to people, your pianos ignite a reflexion on how we use the public space, how passive or active is our relationship with the space we share. I usually wait for a co worker right next to the piano, and as she is always late, I have the chance to observe people’s reactions. I’ve seen people walking by and coming back to listen to somebody play, I’ve seen people calling dear ones from their cell phones to share the music with them, I’ve seen an ice cream vendor crying after listening to a song, I’ve seen a couple dancing, I’ve seen 2 blind guys with the subway employee (in charge of guiding them) sitting down and taking their time to appreciate the music, I’ve seen children in total ecstasy jumping around while an old man played a famous Vivaldi piece (from a perfume ad here in Brazil).

This is the future. The democratization of art. The quality of the music is indifferent, the proposal of the installation is everything. Those beautiful pianos are self-esteem boosters for the everyday worker, who doesn’t have access to this kind of stuff not even on weekends.Pianos here are often are considered as “rich class” instruments, unlike the acoustic guitar or drums.

I can feel the respect they have for the instrument, I’ve seen people caressing it gently, admiring the keys, the shape, all its contours…”

Here are two videos in London I found that stood out for me:

This attention whore went round all the London pianos, only one had a featured MC though.


Source: Kitsune Noir


~ by vibesandtribes on July 17, 2009.

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