New Roots!

The Roots are one of those artists (or groups of) that produce a continuous stream of great music. You’d think making 8 (studio) albums together and playing live shows night after night they would have fallen off at least a little. This is not the case, it’s evident in their music that they’ve merely matured and finely tuned their creativity. When you decide to get into an artist and they have copious albums to choose from it’s often a case of choosing one or two albums which stand out, and you’ll be satisfied. The Roots make this process an arduous task because exposure to one album means you’re going to want another and another until you have them all, and with the arsenal of music they possess it’s almost daunting.

Black Thought is a rhinoceros in the rap safari. Very very few MCs are on the same plateau that this man spits from. Nevertheless, some of the confirmed names to feature on their new album are exciting to say the least; Blu, (Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte) = Little Brother, Pete Rock, Pharoahe Monch and Saigon.

‘How I Got Over’ will be their 9th studio album and is scheduled for release on 29th of September. The first single is the title track and can be downloaded below. Enjoy!

Download: How I Got Over


Source: hypebeast


~ by vibesandtribes on July 21, 2009.

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