David Lynch – The Interview Project

First off, I’m a big fan of David Lynch. Eraserhead was one of, if not the film that inspired me to delve into more artistic films. I was told to watch it in a dark room by myself, as it was a film that really grasped you and pulled you into its otherworldly atmosphere. Lynch’s signature ambiance that he creates is something that has stuck with me. Being someone who kept within the box office’s limits with the occasional recommended alternative film, this sculpted my mind in an entirely different way. Ever since I saw Eraserhead, Lynch has been one of my favourite directors. The likes of Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man and Inland Empire quickly claiming their place in my list of heralded films. If you haven’t seen Inland Empire; watch it. I found myself thinking about different parts of the movie, trying to piece things together or realising some strange symbolism I’d missed initially nearly a week after seeing it. If you ever thought movies were becoming too much of a commercial thing and the art behind cinema was fading, Inland Empire (made in 2006) will silence your worries and take you on a surrealistic ride.

The reason for this post was to talk about something Lynch is working on at the moment: The Interview Project. He is travelling around America talking to regular people he finds by the road. I’ve only had the time to watch a couple of these so far but it’s really astounding the way he can capture the emotion in these people.

Continue reading for links and an explanatory video by David Lynch himself, who can explain the project better than I can.

Lynch talking about the Interview Project.

All episodes so far.

Source: slamxhype


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