Loungin’ in Verbier

Back from a week of relaxation.


Cycling through the mountains makes you appreciate and even fear the will of the Tour de France competitors. We went down the roads that they went up.


This place mat at a restaurant pretty much sums up what I was doing most of the week.


I felt this was some apt commentary on some of the characters I saw/met. Done by the locals no doubt. It would be interesting to see this place in the winter, it’s stunning even without the blanket of snow covering it.


93 ’til Infinity in my headphones, a hot coffee in my hands and a sun setting over the mountains. It’s always great to drop out of range with a good book or some music. Speaking of, I finished this while I was over there:

I wouldn’t find it hard calling it the best thing i’ve read. Ayn Rand’s writing style is so strong that she can be describing a relatively deep societal theory whilst provoking a string of your own personal thoughts and keeping you captivated at the same time. Her characters are so clearly defined by their personalities and ideals, and with these they are unrelenting, it’s inspirational. I also find it very interesting and for some reason comforting that Biggie Smalls has read this book, haha.

“Fuck what ya heard, who’s the best in New York? Fulfilling fantasies without that nigga Mr. Rourk.”



~ by vibesandtribes on August 23, 2009.

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