You can’t take it with you.

“Tonight, pretend you’re a cigarette. And you’re being smoked by a picturesque girl.”

Ever since I, by chance, stumbled across As Tall As Lions’ purevolume page i’ve held a huge respect for these artists. They’ve always been a band who I can come back to after not listening to for a while and think “Goddamn.”. Whenever I recommend a song to someone, the response is always positive. If I put a song in a playlist for a friend or a family member, the ATAL track is always the one they pick out and praise. Though I sometimes enjoy the fact that they’re so unknown, I can’t help but stress how hideously underrated these guys are. 

Lafcadio was, to me, a very raw, untethered animal. I love finding an artist at the stage I discovered ATAL in, because you get to watch them grow. You get to eagerly anticipate the release of their next work and hear how they’ve developed. The jump in the quality of their music was so evident with their self-titled album. Their skill, talent and passion worked hand-in-hand to craft something beautiful.

I think Circles is a great opener to the album, the tempo gives the feel of a tense struggle increasing until it softly releases into the euphoric chorus.

The contrast between the first half and second half of Sixes & Sevens is very interesting, it sort of transforms into nearly a completely different song after a few seconds of frantic strumming. One of my favourite songs for sure.

One of the things I admire about ATAL is their ability to create such fluid transitions between verses and choruses, a great example in You Can’t Take it With You (the title track) is the progression from the almost middle eastern introduction into the chorus. Also, if there weren’t any vocals over the verses of this song, it would make a great hip-hop beat, haha.

Strangely, the next track (Go Easy (See the Love)) is one I find to be most like ATAL’s previous stuff, yet my least favourite of the album. It’s the chorus that puts me off, it just seems a little out of context.

Duermete. Easily my favourite track. So bluesy, so elegant.

Can’t you see it’s better to die on your feet than live down on your knees? – In Case of Rapture.

A tribute to the band’s versatility is We’s Been Waitin’, it’s nice and unorthodox.

The catchiest goddamn song on the album is Is This Tomorrow?. I think it should be their first single. 

Sleepyhead is nice and all, but it doesn’t do it for me.

Apparently on The Narrows they used chopsticks on coke bottles. I love the reverberated guitar that cracks itself into the chorus, so nice.

Lost My Mind is almost as ethereal as the hidden track.

★★★★☆ A very smooth listen.


~ by vibesandtribes on August 25, 2009.

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