Rakeem Zig-Zag-Zig Allah

Finished ‘The Tao of Wu’ this weekend. Considering I don’t know a whole lot about religion, I enjoyed how RZA collected so much knowledge from an array of different cultures and moulded the lessons he learnt into a philosophy that could power his self. Some hip-hop players would be boasting about the riches they gained coming from where they came from, RZA can do the same. Only RZA’s riches come in the form of spiritual and mental riches (as well as physical). I think what makes him different is that rappers are normally changed drastically once they hit fame and start making crazy amounts of money (nearly always in a bad way), whereas RZA was changed again and again during the earlier years of his life. These changes continued along the way, sometimes in such huge ways that his whole mentality was flipped completely. What I found interesting was that once he made Wu Tang the biggest hip-hop group in the world, he didn’t really change. He continued to learn. He sustained the disposition that he had developed through his experiences and was not tainted.

RZA is a very interesting character who (as Cornel West states in a review) has much to teach us. Maybe I enjoyed this book so much because it was written from a perspective that is different to mine in nearly every way, but nevertheless, this is definitely worth a read. A quote that stuck with me as something encompassing of RZA’s nature was this:

Forces in the world will tell you

you’re a victim – of your family,

your race, your past, your history.

Don’t believe them. They don’t know

you. Look inside and find your true

self. It’s there. Give it a name.


Edit: the man doing his thing:


~ by vibesandtribes on November 23, 2009.

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